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Fells' Works
Ascending Strata Assemblage:
Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf, Aluminum Leaf, Plywood, Steel, Urethane, Glass and Acrylic Paint
Location: Terminal, Escalators to Tunnel

Eagle Feather:
Aluminum and Terrazzo
Location: Terminal, Concourse Floor

Feather Flurry:
Hand Cut Translucent Vinyl Feathers on Glass
Location: Terminal, Second Level, Top of Escalators

Feather Spiral:
Mobile of Stainless Steel and Paint
Location: Terminal, Center, Ceiling Above Escalators

Stroboscopic Compass:
Aluminum and Terrazzo with Thirty-Six Colors of Stone Chips, as well as Mirror Chips, and a Variety of Glass Chips.
Location: Terminal, First Level, Center Floor