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True Cost Calculator
Are you driving to another airport to save money on your airline ticket?
Have you considered all the factors before booking your flight?
Make sure you are saving as much as you think!

Besides the cost of the airline ticket, there is a time cost and an actual monetary cost associated with using any airport in the country.

Here, you can calculate several things:

  • the actual cost of driving to and from AVP
  • the value of the time to drive to and from AVP (depending on where you live)
  • the cost of parking at AVP

  • These costs are then compared with the same associated costs when choosing other airports outside our region.

    How the Calculator Works:

    First, choose from the list of 20 cities which is closest to your origin.
    Second, enter the airline ticket costs you have found quoted and place them in the "Airline Ticket Cost" row for AVP and any or all of the other three airports listed.
    Finally, enter the number of days you plan to be parked overnight.

    The total cost of your trip will be calculated. The difference is the savings offered when choosing AVP.

    Please Note: Even when all costs are calculated, if you are still saving money by driving out of the region to fly, please e-mail us and let us know.

    City of origin:
    Origin: Wilkes-Barre/ Scranton (AVP) Lehigh
    Philadelphia (PHL) Newark  (EWR)
    Airline Ticket Cost
    Driving Cost 1
    Travel Time Cost 2
    Parking Cost 3
    Total Cost
    AVP Savings
    1 Based on IRS 2015 Standard Mileage Rate of $0.575 per mile (roundtrip)
    2 Based upon each city's estimated Median Household Income figures (2012) as provided by (roundtrip)
    3 Based upon parking lot's daily rates at each airport for specified length of trip (AVP: Public Parking Lots; ABE: Long Term Parking; PHL: Parking Garage (Long Term Rates); EWR: Daily Parking P1/P3 Lots)

    If you are considering flying from another airport, don't forget to calculate things like hotel accommodations, tolls and meals.