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Areas Available for Commercial Development

On-Airport With Direct Field Access
Area #1.
Acreage: 40
Zoning: Industrial/Commercial
Utilities: Electrical available; Gas, Water, Sewer currently not available to site. Access to utilities approximately 4000 Southwest.

Comment: Ideal site for aviation related development. Direct access to airport operations area. Suited for hangars, maintenance, distribution facility. Airport will provide development incentives and financial assistance depending on commitment. This area is prime for economic development. The Airport has been notified of the availability of Federal funds for the development of an access road to Sites #1 and #8. This road will connect Navy Way Road/Highway 315 to the Foreign Trade zone and to Sites #1 and #8 and will open this site for development.

Area #2.
Acreage: 32
Zoning: Industrial/Commercial
Utilities: All. Suitable for major commercial development.

Comment: Area is ideal for administrative/corporate headquarters, light manufacturing, communications center, etc. Easy access to airport facilities and interstate roadway system. Midway between Scranton and Wilkes-Barre. East, South-east area could be linked to Airport taxiway/runway system. Site contains a Holiday Inn Express Hotel and The Tipsy Turtle Pub (Coming Soon). Airport will provide financial incentives and assistance depending on tenant commitment.

Area #3.
Facilities: General Corporate Aviation Ramp area.
Four conventional open span hangars: 10,000 (2) sf; 12,000 sf; 15,000 sf in area. One 6,000 sf office building.
Zoning: Industrial/Commercial
Utilities: All

Comment: Direct access to ramp and taxiways. Located adjacent to FBO (Aviation Technologies). Hangars #1/2 available ideal for aviation maintenance facility. Hangar #2 has approximately 3,500 sf office space and 1,300 sf shop area. The facility is within the Airports security area and employee parking is easily accessible. US Customs, Customs Broker, and the FBO are all adjacent to Hangars #1 and 2. GA ramp capable of handling Boeing 727-200 class aircraft. Airport financial incentives and assistance is available depending on potential tenant commitment.

Area #4.
Facilities: Concrete air cargo ramp capable of supporting 727-200 to 747, DC-10, L-1011, C-5 aircraft. Area includes 3 older conventional hangars with total area of 11,000 sf.
Zoning: Industrial/Commercial
Utilities: All

Comment: Adjacent area ideal for construction/development of mid to large scale aircraft maintenance hangar or air cargo handling facility. A 75' taxiway provides direct access to RW 4-22. Area is within airport security area and is well lighted. Airport will provide economic incentives and assistance to developers depending on reciprocal commitment. Planned access road will improve site access. Employee parking is available and convenient.
On-Airport Without Direct Airfield Access
Area #5.
Acreage: 11
Zoning: Industrial/Commercial
Utilities: All

Comment: Limited access via residential street. Suitable for office/administrative, light manufacturing facility.

Area #6.
Acreage: 46
Zoning: Industrial/Commercial
Utilities: Gas, water, electric available; Sewer not available.

Comment: Area has substantial development potential. Ideally suited for aviation Related activity, distribution center, or light to medium manufacturing. Access to Airport via Spruce Street and main entrance on Route 315, and via I-81, Exit 178. Future alternate commercial traffic will be via Route 502 in Moosic, PA.

Area #7.
Acreage: 2
Zoning: Industrial/Commercial
Utilities: Gas, electric, water available; Sewer not available.

Comment: Excellent location for office/administrative area; overlooks I-81. Easy access to I-81, Exit 178, via Spruce Street and Route 315 (Airport entry road).

Area #8.
Acreage: 19
Zoning: Industrial/Commercial
Utilities: Electrical only; Gas, Water, Sewer Access Point approx. 4000' Southwest. Comment: Access to be provided via future road to Southeast side of Airport. Ideal site for aviation related commercial, light manufacturing, or distribution facility.

Area #9.
Acreage: 3
Zoning: Industrial/Commercial
Utilities: Electrical, water, sewer available; Gas not available.

Comment: Ideal site for retail, office/administration facility, vehicle servicing, Communications center, etc. Easy, direct access to Airport facilities, hotel/restaurant and interstate system. Front roadway (Navy Way Road) will be extended to Southwest to provide direct access to Foreign Trade Zone and Southeast side of Airport. Airport will consider assistance/incentives considering developer commitment.

Area #10
Acreage: 170
Zoning: Conservation
Utilities: All Comment: Prime industrial/commercial site with tremendous potential for development of Aviation/transportation repair, overhaul, manufacturing facility. Site has direct access to two (2) active rail lines and easy access to interstate roadway system. site may also be developed with direct ramp and taxiway access to the Airport making it ideal for aviation or distribution operation. The Northeast Region's Best site for future development potential.


Corporate-General Aviation, Hangar Space
Heated and unheated hangar space available for all size general aviation and corporate/business aircraft. Hangars are within Airport security areas and are well lighted and maintained. Low rates vary for GA aircraft and Corporate aircraft. Hangars and GA facilities are well maintained and lighted, and are within the Airport security area. Airport users have benefit of a FIRST CLASS FBO (Aviation Technologies), easy parking, 24 hour snow removal, ATCT, fire rescue and security, as well as U.S. Customs and an on-airport customs broker. (refer area #3)

Office space is also available to Corporate/Business aircraft tenants at reasonable rates.

The AVP Aviation Center, located on the GA ramp, has up to 4,000 square feet of Class B office space available which is suited for aviation support activities. The Aviation Center houses U.S. Customs and the Airport Customs Broker. (refer area #3)